Mr. Sunny Sabharwal (Born 9th October 1984), is one of the most successful & eminent entrepreneur. He established Pulse as an umbrella organization for various IPs & multifaceted interests. Sunny Sabharwal claims Pulse as his own pulse which is why he is popularly addressed as Sunny Pulse.

Sunny Pulse is highly passionate. What puts him a cut above many others is the fact that he has solely established Pulse which is a prominent firm today.

His constant appetite for learning along with bundles of experience are the key reasons that led him to become a flourishing entrepreneur. In spite of being at the helm of affairs, SunnyPulse is equally involved with the team for a collective growth & believes in leading from the front and personally trains and develops the key people within the business himself.

Pulse Events & Wedding is the oldest operating firm under the umbrella of Pulse which majorly caters to luxurious weddings & events across the globe. Sunny Sabharwal (Sunny Pulse) is well versed with the nuances of wedding planning and how new ideas, concepts & innovations are needed to fill people with awe. His work speaks for itself.

Sunny Sabharwals is one of the renowned wedding designer & planner. Celebrity Management is also his area of expertise.
He is also the founder of Pulse Connect which caters to conventions, exhibitions & award ceremonies ; uniting different spheres of market under one platform. A very famous IP Global Iconic Awards (GIA) which created quite a lot of buzz across India in 2019 was established as a part of it.
Among the above, he is also founder of Make up diaries- a professional makeup services provider wherein one can avail services of their empanelled as well as celebrity Makeup artists and Pulse Travels.
Sunny Sabharwal (SunnyPulse) is an ardent traveller & a globetrotter. His first hand experience of voyaging is one of the inspirations behind his excellent creations.
Sunny Sabharwal (Sunny Pulse) has been awarded multiple times for excellence in his various ventures.
His motto is Dream Big, Work Hard.

Awards & Achievements

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